The Worm Factory cheapest price on the net. 80.00

The Worm Factory in Dawsonville Ga. 30534 Made in U.S.A.


Until I save up enough money to have stock on hand, these items are drop shipped from Washington state.

No matter where you buy the worm factory, they are all drop shipped, and we as Distributors are bound by their rules to charge a set amount, we can charge more but not less than set amounts. I have all prices set at the min. amounts. So if you see the worm factory sold at a lower price, please call Natures Footprint at 360-592-4285 and report them. Also, Natures Footprint does not sell to the public, they only sell to Worm Wholesalers.

I am working on getting some stock on hand, to sell them locally, a bit cheaper. But remember We are worm farmers, not a retail store.

I have to charge what they charge me for shipping, or take a loss, and if I take too many loss's I wont be in Business very long.

Their basic charge for ups shipping is 23.00 so you need to add that to any order you place(it will automatically put it in in the check out)

If you order worms with one of the worm factories, I wont charge you extra shipping, although I will pay it.

I just wanted to put the shipping price up front, unlike so many others.